Hidden Secrets

“Where do you think he would have hidden it?”  Tyler lay on the hill next to me and whispered into my ear.  He knew I hated the way his whispers tickled my ear, but did it anyway.  

“It’s a car.  It’s not like he can hide it somewhere in plain sight.  If it’s not in the garage, it must be in the shed or barn.  It has to be here somewhere because we would have seen him drive it home.” 

“As soon as the lights go off, we have to start the search.  First the barn…” as I detailed my plan, Tyler continued to breathe in my ear.   

“Come on.  This is serious.  If we don’t get the car back we are in real trouble.” 

Tyler backed off slightly, but I could tell his attention was back on the house.  Part of me wished I had told him the entire story behind why I needed to get the car back, but if he knew the reason, I knew he wouldn’t be here. 

I was wondering about the reason why I had not told Tyler about why I needed the car back.  If I got the car back, he wouldn’t know why no one could know what secrets that car kept.  What secrets I was keeping from Tyler.  If he knew my secrets, I knew he wouldn’t love me anymore. If he knew the secrets, he would leave me. The secrets were the only thing keeping me out of jail. 


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