What Could Have Been

“I knew your story could go further depending on one moment.  One moment that will change the course of your entire life.” 

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what my life would be like with Kevin still here.  Would we be celebrating our fifth anniversary or not?  Would he had left me if he was given the chance?  Would we have children?  Would their names be Willow and Hardy like I had always dreamed? Would we still be living in town or would we have moved to the country like we both had planned? 

The banging from down the hall brought me back to real life.  It sounded like Ted was home and that he had already had a little too much to drink.  The clock on the told me he had only made it to two in the afternoon.  I heard him bang all the way down the hall before I even stood up. 

Ted was home and I knew he was going to sit in his room and cry for the foreseeable future.  Noise was the biggest complaint I had about living in the apartment complex I was in.  Neighbor Ted (as he liked to call himself) had gone for a divorce shortly before I had gotten out of prison.  Ted was actually my motivation of moving to Shell Oaks.  My husband (God rest his soul) was also the reason for Ted’s divorce and I was here to find out if my revenge was worth it. 


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