Standing Room Only

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson 

I knew something was wrong when Marty started hiding behind the books. He was the more social of the two of us and now I had to start talking to customers all alone. I tried coaxing him out with treats, but he was having none of it. As the days dragged along with Marty still in hiding, I began to look for answers of why. Jackson wasn’t back. I stopped using the loud coffee maker. I took the bell off the door in case the jingling was bothering him. I never knew he could sense my ex living next door. 

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11 responses to “Marty”

  1. A cat that talks to customers is a wonderful asset to any business. No expense should be spared to coax the cat out again


  2. Marty has ESP- extra sensory perception.

    His ex must sure have been a terrible person. Poor Marty.


  3. A cat with a good sense of character judgement. Hope the ex stays away.


  4. Now that is a can one should keep!


  5. If he hides like that when Jackson is gone, I wonder who Marty is really afraid of?


  6. Poor Marty, so sensitive. That Jackson must be horrible.


  7. I do believe our pets have a sixth sense about such things. I’m wondering how this will all turn out if the ex is close by and not revealing himself. Sounds ominous.


  8. If only Marty could really talk! Nice one.


  9. Hmmm. Ex must be some kind of dog. Well done.


  10. I found out the other day that cats have 80 per cent more capacity to hear than we do – now I understand why my cat just sits – and listens.


  11. Well, that was an unexpected punch in the nose 🙂


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