Out of Jail

“I promise to do whatever I can.  I will do what I can to help no matter what.” 

I looked over my shoulder and watched Alicia take a deep breath. 

“You can’t really think this is going to stop?  Why do you think Joe is going to keep coming around after what happened last night?”  Alicia flipped her hair over her shoulder and started applying her makeup. 

“You honestly think last night was a one-time thing?  Do you really think all those hangups were a mistake?  The weird breathing into the phone is not a mistake when it happened on such a regular basis.  Alicia, do you honestly think last night was a fluke?  Joe lost his mind last night and is now in jail.”  I tried to continue, but was having a tough go of it. 

Alicia’s ex-boyfriend or at least I was hoping he was going to be an ex the very second she put on her makeup. 

I had never liked Daniel and now I was almost confident he was to be out of our life together. I could feel my stomach starting to knot as she had yet to condemn his behavior from the night and weeks before. 

“I bailed him out already.  He’s on his way over.  I don’t know why -” 

Before Alicia could even finish her sentence, shots rang out in the hallway and I felt my shoulder start to burn. Alicia’s look of surprise told me everything I needed to know. 


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