“But look how cozy it looks!  And there is a fireplace and a stack of firewood already ready for us.  This is going to be perfect.” 

I turned to Grace to see if she was as excited as I was only to see her nose deep into her phone.  She must have sensed me staring because she looked up and shrugged. 

“Yeah, looks great!”  She exclaimed and turned back to her phone before pulling her suitcase out of the trunk. 

I knew I couldn’t let Grace’s lack of excitement dampen my spirits.  I hoped she remembered there was no wifi or she would be in for a rude awakening. I, on the other hand, was excited of the idea of no wifi. I had so many books to read and stories to write, I was ecstatic of having no distractions. 

Before heading inside and hearing Grace’s complaints I knew were coming, I decided to take a walk around the small property to see what adventures could possibly lie ahead.  The pictures present on the website were fairly accurate, but I knew I needed to be outside as much as I could this weekend. 

As I turned to head back to the car, a sudden movement caught my eye.  There was a man standing on the edge of the clearing behind our cabin and as soon as he realized I was watching, he slowly faded back into the trees.  Somehow, I didn’t think this weekend would be too relaxing. 


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