The warmth of the fire did not lessen the ice forming in the pit of my stomach.  I knew to get what I wanted, I would have to temporarily abandon the woods and the bonfires I dearly loved.  I knew following my dreams required me to be in the city for a few short months and then I would be back to the forest with the clear blue skies and fresh air. 

But I knew the ice in my stomach came from more than just the fact I had to move back to the city.  Some of it had to do with Kory.  Kory, I knew, was the one I was supposed to live and spend the rest of my life with.  I just wasn’t quite ready to tell him.  And if I didn’t tell him now, would he still be here when I got back? Or would he marry and move off with the shell of a woman, Katrina. I knew she was not right for him – she was too boring and too safe. 

I had never been good with sharing my emotions and I knew he was very free with his.  I knew we were the perfect match and by watching him on the other side of the bonfire, I could tell we would fit together perfectly.  I thought maybe tonight would finally be the night when we would start our forever.  I straightened my shoulders as I put away my telescope and headed toward Kory’s bonfire. 


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