Love Shaped Mistake

My love shaped mistake obsessed over wearing green.  A color I hated beginning on day 651.  Greg had been my first love and the one who successfully sabotaged everything I had worked for. Every single aspect of my life had slowly gone to pot before my eyes during Greg and I’s relationship. 

At one time, Levi had been my one and only and I originally thought we were going to last forever.  Levi and I met a few weeks after Greg and I had broken up.  I had broken things off with Greg as he was constantly obsessing over who I was with and where I was.  If I didn’t text him every two hours or so he would call me repeatedly until I answered and explained why I was avoiding him. 

Though I had not been in many relationships, I knew this wasn’t healthy.  I had to be myself in this relationship and having someone control my every second was not what I wanted.  The last time I saw Levi was the night Greg followed him home from what would be our final date.  I still don’t know what was said and done, but now I may have turned into the obsessive one. 

The obsessive one who had to find out what had happened to both men. Levi ghosted me and I saw Greg lurking around my favorite coffee shop. If I tried to approach, he ran away. He just didn’t know I already knew everything about his conundrum. 


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