From the Grave

I knew our life was going to be hell as soon as I saw the shadow.  The shadow of our greatest crime would always be in our background and hanging over our heads.  The only problem being I was the only one who knew about the shadow and knew nothing about it was our fault. 

“Hey, Natalie!  Where have you gone?”  I heard my sister call my name from the other end of the house. 

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves before facing my sister.  I had to warn my sister about the shadow before anything serious happened.   

“Hey, Nat!  Where-” Lindsey’s face changed immediately.  I knew my face was pale and I knew I was sweating.  “What’s going on?” 

“I have something to tell you.  About what happened in Iowa.” 

I’m not sure if Lindsey heard what I said or just chose to go with what she wanted. She had no memories of what happened in Iowa – I had planned it that way.  But she needed to know the dangers.  Of the shadow of our brother who often haunted me from the grave. 

The brother that had saved us from our neighbors and from the fire they had started that long ago night. The brother who also knew the secrets of our parents and their long friendship with those neighbors whose actions resulted in his death. I alone knew it was his fault and when he was exhumed, the truth would be told. 


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