The Sleepover

“Man oh man.  Oh man.  What are we going to do?  Man.  Oh man.”  I listened to Amari panic as I slowly tried to drive away from the scene of our ‘crime.’  Toilet papering on the night of our annual soccer sleepover had gone awry when someone had called the police. 

“We’re driving away, as long as we’re not pulled over, maybe we’ll be okay.”  I kept checking my rearview mirror to make sure there were no flashing lights behind us.  I knew it had been a risk to toilet paper Chris’ house because I knew his mom and she reacted exactly how I thought she would. 

I thought she was tired of being toilet papered, but I think that was part of the reason we all decided to do it.  Had she ever been supportive of anything in Chris’ life or been nice to any of us at any point of our four years of high school soccer we wouldn’t have done it. 

As Amari and I pulled out of Chris’ neighborhood, the police cars started to flow in. 

“All these police officers for a case of toilet papering?”  Amari wondered out loud. 

Somehow, I knew what had happened.  And I knew that we were all in trouble.  Maybe wouldn’t even be able to graduate. I knew who had called the police and I knew it wasn’t Chris’ mom. My sharp left turn made Amari gasp. 

“I know who turned us in,” I hissed through my teeth. 


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