Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Vacation Planning

“I can’t believe you would back out now.  Especially since we have been planning this trip for months.  Am I supposed to go by myself?  And pay for the hotel by myself?  I was starting to panic thinking about paying the entire hotel bill for a week in Park City. 

“You’re acting like this was a planned thing.  Like I’m skipping out of this trip for nothing.  Just to put you out.”  Alexis rolled her eyes like I was putting her out of thousands of dollars instead of her doing the very same thing to me.  

“You are not coming on this trip because of one meeting your father scheduled in the middle of a vacation he knew we were going on.  He literally had to approve your request for vacation days.” 

“But it’s a very important meeting.”  As Alexis stressed the words ‘very important,’ I wondered why I kept trying to go on vacations with Alexis.  Half the time we went on a vacation, she tried to work while we were there and never wanted to spend any money while we were there because “I don’t have to do everything, all the time…”  I knew this would be the end of us.  It was finally time to break up with her.  Once and for all. And I knew exactly how to get my money back. I just didn’t know how badly it would backfire, but I guess it was good most of it landed on Alexis and not me.  

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