“At least it will be quiet when we get there.  Nobody should be at work on Saturday so there won’t be any questions about what happened.” 

I listened to Tyler as I tried to look grateful and happy.  The truth was, I didn’t think this was the place for me anymore.  Long story short, Jeff had been fired and everyone blamed me even though I honestly had nothing to do with it. 

Thoughts of quitting had been drifting through my mind for the last two weeks and the fact I was coming in on a Saturday was further proof nobody believed me.  Tyler pretended to, but I only know it was because he had no idea how to do his job and relied on me to help get the majority of his work done. 

Suspicion wafted through my brain because I knew Tyler had always been jealous of Jeff so I wasn’t sure he wasn’t here to get back at him.  Jeff was everything Tyler wanted to be and I was just collateral damage.  Or so it seemed. 

Little did he know, I knew what Tyler had done and he didn’t know Jeff and I were actually together.  He also didn’t know I had already quit my job and was only here for a few acts of sabotage. Sabotage that would bring Tyler into the spotlight in a most unusual way. And in a way I knew he would not enjoy. I just hoped to be there for the downfall. 


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