Standing Room Only

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields 

I only went to Poppy’s to see the window. To study the window. I wanted to know how I could do the same thing, but the only problem was the food. Poppy’s had the most fantastic stained glass window in their ceiling, but had the worst food in town. It didn’t matter how much ketchup or salt I used, I could barely choke it down. I debated several times whether or not to get a job at Poppy’s, first because of the window, but recently because of Jayden. He was my dream come true, he just didn’t know it yet. 

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7 responses to “Poppy’s”

  1. A shame the food doesn’t live up to the ceiling or Jayden!

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  2. I noticed one of your tags is stalking which makes me a bit concerned for Jayden…

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  3. Now I’m thinking she goes to the restaurant to study Jayden, not the window. As for the food – send it back to the kitchen!

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  4. He’s about to find out methinks!

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  5. I wonder if Jayden is the cook. If so, I would stop eating there!

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  6. The stalking tag had me worried for Jayden, too.


  7. well, everything comes at a price


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