Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Camping Out

“He always told me he never had a hero.  Never knew anyone who he could look up to on a regular basis.”  I listened to the talk show host halfheartedly. 

I didn’t want to be staying with my aunt and uncle, but it was too late.  Once I was inside there was no going back.  Usually, I was given the option of staying either inside or outside.  If I chose to outside, I could not set one foot indoors – no hot shower, no toilet, no eating at the kitchen table.  I had to use the outhouse, outdoor “shower” and eat my meals at the picnic table. 

If I stayed inside, I had all the amenities being indoors provided, but was required to stay in the house at all times.  I was currently stuck inside for the next two days.  While I usually chose to stay outside solely to avoid spending any time with my aunt and uncle, I was only supposed to be here for one night and it had been raining when I arrived.  I hadn’t had the energy to set up camp in the rain. 

I was getting worried about how long my mother was going to have to stay in the hospital.  I had not heard a single word, and judging from the looks I was getting, neither had my aunt and uncle.  With every minute that passed, the rain soaked lawn was looking better and better.  If I had only known then what I know now. 

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