Slam Poetry

“The Star Chamber is what I am here to invent.  I am here to get out of my comfort zone and to do exactly what I want to do.”  I talked to my mirror and tried to pump myself up.  I knew my nerves were getting the best of me because I was starting to sweat.   

But I knew today was my chance to shine.  I was participating in my first slam poetry event and was trying to psych myself up and calm myself down at the same time.  I had been to several open mic nights in the past, but had never had the courage to read any of my poetry.  My hand had been forced when my creative writing teacher made the announcement everyone would have to read their favorite writing in front of the class.   

I had been practicing in front of my bedroom mirror and felt pretty good about the flow of my poems so I hoped it would continue.  Because I was here.  At the club.  Practicing again in the bathroom.  I was hoping to actually go through with my plan.  I was hoping to be able to enact my revenge.  Everything I knew would be coming tonight.  The only way to lose my cool was if you were here.  If you showed up.  The good news was the audience was in complete darkness.  I didn’t know you were here until I was done.  Everyone was already turning against you.  Just like I had hoped. 


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