The Blizzard

The blizzard started out as something I was terrified about and turned into one of the more positive events in my life thus far.  Having just moved to Wyoming, I was still getting used to the lay of the land when the storm hit.  I had last minute decided to go to a ‘getting to know you’ mixer for all the new university employees and had been on our way to the door when suddenly we couldn’t leave. 

I didn’t want everyone to know I wasn’t confident about driving in the snow and happily retreated when Sam said we should try and wait out the storm.  We were, after all, at a bar full of food and potentially a few beds upstairs.  The previous owner had lived upstairs with his family and as soon as his last child graduated high school, it was transitioned into a bar. 

“How long do you think we’ll be here?”  I asked after about an hour.  I hoped my voice didn’t betray my anxiety.  I only lived about a mile and a half away so maybe I could convince someone to take me home if they were desperate. 

“Well, if it all goes well, we’ll be home…” as I turned to the man who was speaking everything suddenly went quiet.  He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.  I didn’t even remember seeing him all night, but here he was and I was in love.  I just had to get divorced first. 


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