Winter Cabin

As October neared, I anxiously waited for my father to bring up when we would head back to the winter cabin.  The anticipation of getting the cabin ready for our annual Christmas trip as soon as we got out of school.  At twelve, I was aware our family getaways wouldn’t last forever.  Simon was in his sophomore year of high school and saving his pocket money for a car as soon as he turns sixteen. I can already tell he is reluctant to leave his friends and job for any amount of time. 

I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get to the cabin and build igloos, throw snowballs and drink hot chocolate by the fire.  I knew my father told everyone there wasn’t any wifi at the cabin, but what I knew was he didn’t want to turn it on during the holidays.  Every time we went in October, we streamed scary movies nobody else would watch.  I never knew where he hid the router and modem, but I was determined to find it. 

I needed the wifi information so I could make sure Simon would stay the entire time we were there.  I was okay being at the cabin with only my dad, but being there with only my parents would be a different story.  My parents weren’t getting along well these days, but since they were both scared of Simon, they wouldn’t fight in his presence.  But I knew he was just covering for my misdeeds. 


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