Customer Service

“I know she is getting exactly what she wants because she is young and cute.  And probably because she is blonde.  I can’t believe we were disrespected like that.” 

I had to hold Andrea back so she wouldn’t go running back into the supermarket.  The clerk was watching us leave as he continued to check out the young blonde who had been behind us in line. 

“What are you going to do if you go back in there?  Other than you causing a scene, nothing will come of it.”  I loosened my grip on Andrea’s arm in hoping it would help calm her down.  If she thought I was calm, I was hoping she would be too.  I just hoped she didn’t realized I was more amused than angry. 

All I saw happen while we were waiting in line for groceries was the college age student who was clerking smile at the blonde behind us in line and accidentally scanned our head of lettuce twice.  A mistake quickly corrected as the young man turned back to Andrea and me.  But by this point, Andrea had already started to lose it.  She had already been grumbling before we had even walked in and this was just the icing on the cake. 

The security guard had escorted Andrea out as I sheepishly paid for our groceries and followed them out.  Andrea was still ranting under her breath, I managed to catch enough of what was making her angry – brother, babysitter, marriage, baby. 


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