The Boxer

“I never knew he could fight.  Or that he would fight.”  I turned to see Lily standing next to me with her jaw hanging open.  We were waiting, or in reality, I guess we were hiding behind a tree and we weren’t hiding well. 

“Lily, maybe we should leave.  I know we should leave.  I don’t want to be around when the police come.”  I gently pulled Lily’s arm toward the parking lot and prayed she would come without argument.  I was just as shocked as she was that Taylor was fighting, but on the other hand, I had seen him fight before.  Just not in public. 

I had joined a boxing gym several months ago solely because I was bored with the same repetitive, boring gym workout of lifting weights.  It was nice to get some anxiety out punching things.  I couldn’t punch anything in my everyday life so I enjoyed the ability to let off some steam.  Taylor was a regular at the gym so I had seen the skills he had, but I was surprised he was hitting anyone in public.  He was the one with the cool head and slow temper so I was tempted to call and make sure he was all right. 

But I knew now was not the time to call.  I knew Lily and knew what she would do.  She would haunt Taylor and she would haunt me until the end of days.  And she would find out we were sleeping together. 


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