How Could You?

To this day, I never knew what you saw in him.  To this day, I wish I had been able to step in earlier than I did.  This way, you would still be here and I wouldn’t be missing you. 

“I’m going to the library to meet up with James,” was the last thing I ever heard you say.  If I could only get past your stubborn refusal to see James as I did, you would probably still be here. 

I had always thought of the library as a safe place for you to be or I would have insisted I tag along.  Made up some excuse as to there was an overdue book I had to return.  Or I could make up an art history paper I needed to check a few references on.  Anything would be better than letting you out of our apartment with James. 

Everything had seemed so innocent when you started seeing him, I didn’t worry about what would happen or where you would go.  I would have followed you anywhere and done anything for you and I hope you knew.  The night you left, I was expecting you to be home around midnight as I knew the college library closed and you had class at eight the next morning.  Somewhere along the way I fell asleep on the couch only to wake up with the sun shining across the room and a picture and a text from you.  From Vegas.  In a wedding dress. 


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