Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Miss Smith


The library was the only place I ever felt safe. The only place I could check out as many books as I could carry. My parents never kept eyes on me after school so the public library became my stomping ground. Miss Smith came to be one of my most respected mentors and the one I saved all my secrets for. Everything changed the day she disappeared. Twenty years later, I have not stopped looking and can’t stop believing something abhorrent happened to my beloved librarian. All this time and I can’t shake the suspicions I have about my father. 

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12 responses to “Miss Smith”

  1. Expertly nuanced story with a potent cliffhanger.


  2. Oh! That did not end as I had hoped… excellent!


  3. That took a very sinister twist!


  4. Safe places. Well done.


  5. You’ve left me wondering why she suspects her father of being behind Miss Smith’s disappearance…


  6. Hopefully, it’s just their imagination going to places it shouldn’t. Who knows?


  7. So there was a connection and it seems rather chilling.


  8. the end leaves us wondering what might have happened


  9. How awful to have a father he can suspect of dreadful deeds!


  10. Oh! That final sentence really put the cap on a story that was already sad–now it’s dark, as well. Good writing.


  11. Goodness that was a twist and a half!


  12. That would have soured family relationships. Quite a twist.


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