Bad Intentions

“She never had good intentions when she started dating Andrew.  I mean, do you remember how she was also talking about the online dating she was doing when Andrew was out of town for soccer?”  I leaned back on the park bench and tried to get comfortable on the rough cement. I never understood why the city couldn’t spend more money to make sure the benches were somewhat comfortable. 

Mallory shrugged her shoulders and turned back to her book.  I knew she didn’t want to be here, but she was the perfect cover for my plan.  I needed to see what Amanda was really doing when she went to the grocery store and yoga studio.  I had suspicions she was meeting other boyfriends or maybe spending all of Andrew’s money. 

I just didn’t want my brother to be taken advantage of.  And he had been taken advantage of before and never thought it would happen to him again.  In swoops Amanda and the whole process is starting over again.  I think she had done this before or maybe she was actually  in love with my brother, but I am about to find out. 

“Mallory.  Please.  Pay attention for like five minutes to make sure I am seeing what I think I’m seeing.” 

Mallory finally looked up from her book only to sigh.  And to shake her head.   

“She is not cheating on your brother.  Because he is the one who started cheating on her in the first place.  With me.” 


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