Voices in the Wind

The voices in the wind led me to the clearing.  The words weren’t clear, but the intent was.  The wind cleared the leaves and I felt like I was walking a red carpet made just for me.  The tree branches made a clapping sound so when I got to the middle of the clearing, I looked around in wonder. 

I was completely alone but had never felt better.  I didn’t have to talk to anyone or impress anyone and I could do exactly what I wanted.  For the time being, all I planned to do was lie in the grass and watch the clouds float by. Maybe try meditating. 

Some time later, I woke with a start, unsure of where I was or how long I had been sleeping.  It took me a few minutes to reintroduce myself to the clearing all the while noticing the clearing looked nothing like it did when I first arrived.  Though the sun wasn’t completely down behind the mountains, it was definitely on the way. Everything looked different. The flowers. The trees.  

The different light refraction allowed me to see what I hadn’t seen when the sun was directly above me.  Like the shelter built into the side of the hill.  And the small window sliding shut as I stared at the door, amazed I hadn’t seen it before.  The door started to open and I picked up my bag and ran.  Behind me I heard the hoarse voice yell, “Get off my lawn!” 


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