I knew on the surface Ashley wasn’t the friend I needed or the friend who could help. 

“You know, the last time I went there, nothing I could screamed at me, you know?  Nothing was calling my name.  Nothing made me want to take it home.”  I watched Ashley straighten her hair with what I hoped wasn’t absolute revulsion. 

I personally would love to be able to shop at Gucci and Free People without looking at price tags, but alas, I spent most of my time shopping looking through thrift stores and resale shops. 

“I’ve never actually been to a Gucci store so I don’t really know what they sell.” 

Now it was Ashley’s turn to stare at me in horror.  Her mouth dropped but no words came out.  The longer she stared at me, the more uncomfortable I got. 

“You’ve never… Wait, never mind.  I’ve seen your closet,” Ashley mumbled as she turned back to the mirror.  I knew what I wanted and I don’t think it was ever going to come out of this house. 

I quietly slipped toward the front door to where my bag and jacket were waiting.  Like they never wanted to come inside in the first place. 

“Hey do you want to go to the Prada store with me later?  We can beef up your closet.”  I heard her keep talking as I walked out the front door and didn’t stop. I knew I was never coming back. Even for my older sister. 


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