I was always looking for shortcuts and ways to work less hours in the week.  I didn’t want to spend all my days talking to people I didn’t like and doing things I didn’t want to.  I didn’t want to spend time with people who didn’t light my life on fire.  If you were boring and didn’t make me think, I would (try to) cut you out as soon as I could. 

I was afraid of letting my life slip away in front of my eyes and not being able to get any of it back. That’s what my mother had done and it had gotten her nowhere and nothing but misery. 

“Are you thinking about life again?  About how this town is not good enough for you?”  Carrie’s voice interrupted my thoughts and brought me back to real life.  To a life I knew wasn’t for me.  To a life full of Carrie’s whose only concern were their looks and appearances. 

Carrie spent more time on her hair than her education.  She also spends more money on her clothes than she does on useful occupations.  She felt as if her time spent as an influencer was the best way to help herself live and spread her ‘positivity.’ 

I knew she would never move out of town.  Would never try anything new.  Nothing different.  But here she was critiquing me on wanting to mix things up.  I just wondered what had happened to make her never want to drive.  Anywhere. 


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