Decorating Dreams

“The kids are out riding their bikes.  We have about twenty minutes before they come home.  What should we do first?”  I looked at my uncle and wondered what he would say.  I kind of was hoping he wouldn’t say anything and I could do everything by myself. 

I knew Stan meant well, but his list of creative habits was close to zero.  It could be faster if he would just hand me pieces and I could hang everything up.  But as he grinned, I knew he wanted to do more than just hand me the decorations.  

I sighed internally as he reached for the decorations. I knew if I asked him to not help decorate, I would only hurt his feelings. And he had it hard enough as it was. 

“I can help.  I have this great idea.  I was up all night thinking about it.”  He smiled at me as he excitedly turned away. 

I tried not to sigh too loudly but honestly wondered what great idea had kept him up all night.  At this point all I could do was focus on what I could do and leave him to his own devices.  I glanced at my watch – seventeen minutes before the kids made it back from the store. 

With two minutes to go, I finished with the small amount of decorations I had, I headed toward the dining room, only to find myself amazed.  Stan had transformed the room.  Completely.  It was every Batman’s dream. 


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