The Crush

“I want to get to know you, but every time I try, you disappear.  Every time I stop by and know you’re home, you don’t answer.”  I quickly deleted the email before I hit send.  I knew I couldn’t send Jared another desperate email.  The phrase of “it can only get better from here” flashed through my mind, but I knew it was a lie.   

I knew I was obsessing over Jared and I couldn’t stop trying to contact him.  I needed to find a better way to get him to notice me and I knew email wasn’t going to work.  I sat back into my couch and tried to come up with a new plan.  Email was too impersonal and I didn’t want to be the creep who put a read receipt on the emails to my crush.  I knew time was running out and  Jared was slipping away.  I had started breathing exercises because my anxiety over Jared had increased so much. 

Thirty minutes later, I had the beginnings of a plan.  Of a ruse to get him to love me just as much as I loved him.  The key I had duplicated two weeks before was burning a hole in my purse.  I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but Jared’s keys had been sitting on the counter and I couldn’t help myself.  I knew he wouldn’t be home tonight and I knew exactly what and who he would like to see when he got home. 


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