Cold Wind

The cold wind surrounded me like the grief I felt.  I knew eventually the fog would lift, but I wanted it to lift sooner rather than later.  Until then I would sit outside and watch my screams run away with the wind. 

“I thought you might be still out here.”  I almost jumped out of my skin when Amy’s voice trailed down the street.  I thought I had been quiet in my night time escapades, but Amy was here to annoy me.  I wasn’t even sure why she was here in the first place.  In the weeks following Jonathan’s death, Amy had been a constant presence in my life and I had never liked her in the first place. 

“How did you know I was here?  I thought everyone was already asleep when I came outside.”  I tried not to sound too annoyed she was entering my space.  The look on my face was probably enough for her to know I wasn’t thrilled with her.  She hadn’t been friends with Jonathan, but had now latched onto our small group and I think everyone was afraid to let her know what we were doing. 

“I think you know why I’m here,” she said lowering her body next to mine and I shuddered as her arm brushed mine and it took everything I had not to jump up.  I knew why she was here and I knew she was spying and sending every detail to Jonathan’s parents. It was time to attack. 


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