I knew I would leave town the second I got a drink thrown in my face.  All I could do to not react and to throw a fit was to know I was not going to be here much longer.  With my relationship with my parents essentially over, I had nothing tying me to Florida. 

Jack was the culprit of throwing the drink in my face.  All because of miscommunication and injured pride.  But for Jack and I, this was the last straw.  I knew we were over and I knew Jack would start calling me after his second drink.  I had steadily been getting rid of my possessions and Jack somehow managed not to notice. 

He didn’t notice my side of the closet was sparse.  He didn’t notice I had pared down my books and shoes or that I only had very limited makeup.  When Jack and I first got together, I had naively thought his lack of observation skills was because he was young.  Now I know he’s just an asshole who’s only interest is himself.  Throwing a drink in my face was just the icing on the cake. 

I knew he wouldn’t come for lunch so I had most of the day to pack, clean and leave.  I had steadily been wiping down most of the spaces I touched on a regular basis just to make sure I left no trace.  Although Jack would be looking for Claire Smith.  Not Jessica McGee.  A runaway wanted for murder. 


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