Lunch Breaks

“My dear angel.  How could I have missed the signs.  My life is forever haunted by the fact you are no longer here.”  I tried not to drift off during Hannah’s column.  She was trying to attach herself to Sammy’s death and to my knowledge, Hannah hadn’t known Sammy.  She had never even talked to her. 

As Sammy was only fifteen when the car accident took her life, her untimely death became the talk around town for months.  Hannah seemed to get in on what she was referring to as a ‘hot-button’ topic.  I was waiting for her to start talking about it on social media and then I think I will actually throw a fit.  Instead of talking about seat belt safety and new drivers, she was harping on the fact her friend was killed.  Her ‘friend’ whose name she didn’t know until after Sammy’s death. 

Hannah was desperate to be an influencer, but I didn’t have the confidence she could keep her thoughts civil and mature.  I knew I couldn’t at seventeen, especially if I wanted somebody to read about it.  Now Hannah was publishing stories in her weekly ‘Christian’ newspaper and reading them out loud during lunch.  If it went any farther, I might vomit. I didn’t want her to take advantage of Sammy’s death, but here she was, trying to catch the attention of everyone in the cafeteria so they would know how good and pure she was. And I knew exactly how to stop her. 


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