Paris Vacation

“It sounds incredible,” I said as I contemplated how hard I could bang my head against the wall and not get a bruise. 

“It was the most amazing trip I had ever been on.  I so wish you had been there with us.”  Ellie prattled on about her most recent vacation to France while I felt my eyes start to burn.  She knew how much that trip would have meant to me, yet she had still gone without me. 

The two of us had been planning and scheming about visiting the Eiffel Tower together since we were fifteen.  I took French classes religiously through college as our initial plan was to go to Paris as soon as we graduated.  Now here we were, the summer before our senior year of college and Ellie had just returned from France with her on again off again boyfriend Jordan. 

I thought she was joking when she called me last month and said she was getting on a plane to Paris.  There was no hesitation or shame in the fact she had completely disregarded the plans we had been making for almost seven years.  She hadn’t even bothered to tell me until she was boarding the plane.  Now I knew I could finally take my dream trip with the boyfriend she didn’t know anything about.  Alex.  Her brother. I had been nervous to tell her about him, but now would live my life without the boundaries she had so easily destroyed. I pity her. 


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