Love Letters

“Do you know what happened to the silver ornaments?  The balls we used to hang?  I can’t seem to find them anywhere,” I called down the hallway to my husband.  His muffled response was lost in the kitchen so I headed his way. 

I repeated my question as I neared the kitchen, but Lee still wasn’t responding.  Lee’s back was to me when I entered the kitchen and I could tell he was hiding something from me.  The drawer opened and closed before he turned to me and smiled. 

“I’m sorry, what ornaments were you looking for?”  He didn’t move from his spot in the kitchen – it was like he didn’t want me to know he had put something in the drawer.  Like if he kept standing there, I would pay more attention to him than the drawer. 

“The silver ornaments.  I’m not sure where they have disappeared to”  The entire time we searched for the silver ornaments, all I could think about was the kitchen drawer. As Lee kept a close eye on me, I became more suspicious.  Suspicious to the point that in the middle of the night I snuck down to the kitchen, only to find nothing in the drawer, but a love letter. The problem was the love letter was not addressed to me, but to a woman named Ruby. The only Ruby I knew was his car. If he wasn’t writing letters to his car, we were both headed for trouble. So was his secretary. 


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