“It was deadly.  I don’t know how else to tell you other than it was out of control.”  My sister was lying face down on her bed and I was trying to figure out what to do.  I knew she deserved everything. And more.  At least to a certain degree. 

“I couldn’t leave.  Sam may have needed my help!” 

I knew her actions had gotten her into a tight spot even though I had warned her against going several times.  She disregarded everything I had said about sneaking out (mainly due to the fact I had been caught multiple times), but she made her own situation worse due to the fact she had ended up getting arrested. 

Arrested because of a fight and the police took everyone to the station because they couldn’t be sure nothing else would happen.  Laney wouldn’t have gotten into any trouble had she listened to me or even left the party as soon as the fight started.  I knew she had stayed around partially because she thought Sam would be there. 

She thought this would finally be her chance to get him to notice her.  And did he ever notice her.  He noticed with what seemed like an unhealthy abandon.  I knew the entire fight was due to her and her egging him on.  If she couldn’t have Sam, nobody else could.  And now that he was in jail with little to no chance of getting released, no one else could have him either. 


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