Window Jumping

“You jumped out the window?  Are you hurt?  Are Lori and Russell all right?  Where are they now?  Should I call their parents?” 

Before my mother could ask more questions, I raised my hands.  She could easily get on a tirade and never stop.  Especially if she thought someone was hurt or in trouble.  I wanted to stop her before she asked what we had been doing jumping in the first place.  It had been a part of our truth or dare game, but this time it had gotten a little out of control and I couldn’t let my mom know the extent of how bad it really was.  She would never let me out of her sight again. 

“Everything is fine.  Everybody is fine.  None of us are hurt.”  I paused as my mom moved closer to inspect my hands and clothes just to make sure. 

“What were you doing, jumping out of Lori’s back window?”  My mom finally turned back to the oven, maybe not believing we had been as terrible as we had been.  I didn’t plan to correct her thinking of what window we had jumped out of.  I don’t know why she believed my huge white lie that Lori, Russell and I had jumped out of the balcony window and into her pool.  We had been jumping out of an abandoned barn Russell had set on fire and landed in the lake.  It wasn’t until we were running away that we heard the screams. 


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