Your Special Ways

“I learned to love our special ways a long time ago.  I, at the beginning, was annoyed by your quirks, but now I wouldn’t know what to do without them.”  I sighed and wondered if I would ever really tell you how I felt.  Instead, I stared at you from across the room and wondered when you would realize I was in love with you. 

When would you finally see me across the room?  I know that one day you will recognize everything I have done for you.  If it came to it, I probably would have killed for you.  I wonder what I have to do to get you to notice me?  Would killing be the answer?  The only way I could truly know the answer was to try.  

This is why I am watching you so much and so hard.  Who is the person in your life who has had the most, but worst impact.  The longer I have watched the more I have fallen in love with you.  I now know who treats you well and who must go.  You haven’t realized yet the damage Joe has done.  How you can tolerate him and his outlandish behavior is beyond me.  And today will be the last day he bothers you or anyone else.  He just doesn’t know the plans I have for him and he will regret everything he has ever done to you when I am finished.  I just hope you don’t hear him scream. 


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