Cameras are Rolling

The cameras were already rolling so there was no stopping now.  There was no way I could back out because the entire town would know what a fraud I was.  What a fraud my entire family was.  And there was no way I was going to let Georgia get the better of any of us.  This was going to be my ace in the hole.  The way to get us out of poverty and into the front lines. 

Georgia had made my school life a living nightmare when she started spreading rumors about my brother as well as my father.  I knew neither one had made any loud suggestions toward her and I’m at a loss why anyone thought they had. 

My father and brother are both extremely shy and barely talk to anyone outside our family and small group of friends so the idea they would sexually harass anyone was infuriating.  But if I could bring her down a couple of notches and prove my classmates wrong, I could survive the rest of the school year. 

If this dare of breaking into the principal’s office and ransacking it would get her off our backs, I was all for it.  I just didn’t realize the significance of what I would find in the principal’s office.  Especially the proof of who was really harassing Georgia.  Which in turn would give me all the information I needed as to know why Georgia was harassing me.  Both our lives depended on it. 


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