Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Next Time

“I can’t imagine doing that to them.  Like how does that thought even enter your mind?”  I stared at the back of Nikki’s head as she started walking toward the front of the store.  Nikki straightened her shoulders so I knew she heard me, but made no move to respond. 

I knew her plan was to frame Jess and Randy for the broken glass at school while knowing they didn’t do anything.  She was the typical mean girl and if anybody wronged her, they were cut out of her life immediately.  The severity of how she perceived the slight against her determined how harsh her retaliation would be. 

Jess and Randy have been best friends since kindergarten and because of this have several inside jokes where they can’t always remember how the jokes got started.  That happens sometimes when you tell jokes when you are nine.  Nikki wanted in, but was upset she couldn’t be included in everything.  Jess had a magnetic personality and people naturally gravitated to her.  People gravitated to Nikki out of fear of what she would do. 

I knew by the way she was walking, she already had a plan  And I knew she was going to come out on top if she succeeded.  But I think I knew how to stop her.  I knew I had enough dirt on her to get her into loads of trouble at school, but I’d like to think I am the better person in this situation.  Maybe next time. 

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