Our House

“They’ll probably come over to our house after.  Wouldn’t you think?”  I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice as I talked to my father.  I knew that if he knew I was excited, he wouldn’t invite Alan and Nick over.  Much less have them eat or spend the night. 

“Yeah that might be the case.  I’m not sure what their mother is doing though so we’ll have to hear about her before we make any decisions.”  My father took one hand off the wheel as he turned onto our street.  It was one of his tics.  Every time he was trying to play it calm, to be cool, he drove his truck with only one hand.  Otherwise he was a strict 10 and 2 kind of guy. 

“Their mom is in the hospital.  After that wreck last week.”  Surely he remembered this?  It had been all over the news two days ago.  I had been on the phone all day with either Alan or Nick just to check on them. 

“Well, I don’t know about them staying over.  Don’t they have anywhere else they can go?”  As my father pulled into the driveway my stomach dropped even farther than it already had been.  I knew the reason he was trying to act cool and didn’t want Alan and Nick over.  His sister was here.  His sister who would terrorize all of us for the entirety of her visit.  It was time to make my escape. 


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