“I never knew how to behave properly.  Or at least what my mom considers to be proper behavior.  But what if my life is proper and hers is not?”  As I ran down the beach, I contemplated how I was going to break up with my mother.  I just didn’t know how I could continue to live the prim and proper life she wanted. 

Single at twenty-two, I was entering a stage of life where she considered me to be a spinster.  The only reason she had “allowed” me to attend college was she was convinced I was going to find a husband.  Being the meek and mild-mannered man he was, my father let her run the house without any objections.  I hoped he would come out in support of me making my own decisions. 

This quick trip to the beach was my solution to getting out from under her hovering, tying to figure me out.  I had sixteen more hours to figure out what to say and a few more runs to get my ya-yas out. 

When I saw the small boats and yachts moored at the dock, my newest plan began to hatch.  I had a small amount of money stashed away and a boat could be my ticket to my disappearance.  I knew she wasn’t going to take my plans seriously and would throw a fit.  If I had any desire to get out while I still had the chance, a boat was my only option. 


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