Getting into Harvard

“The enemy has ears everywhere.  I know they do.  You have to stay vigilant.  You cannot lose concentration or it could be your final mistake.”  Mykala moved the beam of the flashlight from face to face.  I knew what she was trying to do and I wouldn’t let myself fall under her spell like I had done so many times. 

Mykala was notorious for terrorizing us and I was ready to get out from underneath her thumb.  She was done manipulating my life and my time.  She just didn’t know yet that I was going to spin her plan back onto her.  She just didn’t know how hard and far she was going to fall. 

“Who is the enemy again?”  Jessica whispered to me as Mykala turned away.  I had to stifle my giggle so Mykala wouldn’t turn on us. 

The original plan was for the six of us to play a prank on Mykala’s ex-boyfriend Jacob, but little did she know Jacob was well aware of the plan and so did his police captain father.  I knew Mykala told us it was only toilet papering and shaving cream, but I knew there was going to be spray paint involved.  As Mykala led the way toward her arrest for vandalism, I hid behind the nearest car for pictures.  The arrest would be scrubbed, but social media would not.  Blackmail for years to come.  No longer would her dream of Harvard be attainable.  Jail could do that to a person. 


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