Another Dimension

“I know I live in another dimension.  It’s how I can save myself.  To keep myself out of harm’s way.”  Lance listened carefully as he started to stretch slowly.  I watched him as I talked and wondered how he could seem so calm and collected all the time.  It was beginning to drive me crazy. 

“Have you ever told your brother how his visits make you feel?  Or your mother?  Does she know how much you check out while they are here?”  Lance seemed to still be breathing easy as he continued to talk and stretch. 

“How can you possibly be so calm about this?  How are you so calm about everything?”  I couldn’t bring myself to answer his questions about my family because he was way too calm and I was feeling like a complete nut. 

“Part of it is they are not my family so they don’t stress me out.  I think it’s not healthy to feel like you do when you know they are coming, while they are here and even after they leave you are still stressed.” 

I felt my shoulders tense just listening to Lance talk about my obvious negative reaction to being around my family.  If I could only confront my feelings about my family, I knew I could let them go forever.  But how could I get them to address the disappearance of my sister.  The one they pretended never existed.  But I know she did.  She was, after all, my twin. 


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