Rumors and Lies

“I’m going to start a rumor.  I just need to decide how damaging it’s going to be.”  Sierra was whispering a little too loudly.  Either she didn’t care or forgot I was sitting behind her.  I often felt like I was forgotten by those who considered me to be a ‘friend.’  Or at least I thought they considered me to be their friend. 

I listened closely as Sierra and Julie began to plot their revenge for some undisclosed minor inconvenience only immature fourteen-year-olds would care about.  I knew I wasn’t much better in terms of maturity, but at least I wasn’t cruel.  All I wanted to do was save whoever they were going to start a rumor about.  Because I knew how terrible Sierra could be. 

“I think if we start talking about it during lunch tomorrow, it can get started slowly.  Then later we can send that photo.”  Sierra’s voice trailed off as Mr. James made his rounds in the classroom.  He stopped near us like he knew what was happening.  Like he knew what Sierra and Julie were planning.  When his eyes landed on me I smiled awkwardly and tried to not give my plan away. 

I didn’t know who the plan was about and I needed to know so I could help.  Twenty minutes later, I still hadn’t figured out who the rumor was about.  Lunch the next day came and I wished I hadn’t come to school.  The rumor was brutal.  And it was about me.  


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