Sunshine and Roses

The moment I walked out of Megan’s house, I knew I was never going back.  Going back meant I was giving up on myself and my future.  As much as I tried to hold everything in, the tears started to fall as I got into my car.  No one ever told me moving on would be so hard, but yet so thrilling at the same time.  I thought Megan was going to really help me out and be an amazing friend. 

We had been fast friends when I  had originally moved to town, mainly because her boisterous personality made up for my shyness.  I was hoping to learn some lessons about how to break out of my shell.  My constant watching of how Megan interacted with our classmates, but our relationship had recently fallen apart.  Most of it had to do with trust.  Trust and lies. 

Turns out Megan wasn’t everything she made herself out to be.  It took me a while – probably too long – to figure out how she had been using me the whole time.  It had started out innocently enough, but I naively watched her slowly start taking over my life.  First, I was told what clothes to wear, then who I could be friends with, to who I could talk to.  What Megan hadn’t told me was what her endgame was.  She had only been hanging around with me to meet my older brother.  As soon as she realized she was pregnant, we were done. 


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