Email Inbox

The day I got the email was the day my life changed forever.  Everything I thought I knew was thrown out the window.  I couldn’t ask my mother because I knew she wouldn’t know how to respond or what to do.  I read the email once more and slowly closed the lid to my laptop. 

“No homework to do tonight?”  I nearly jumped out of my skin when my mom’s voice came from behind me. 

“Nothing tonight.  Just reading.”  I tried to act as naturally as possible as I headed toward my bedroom.  If she had any real idea of what the email was talking about and offering, she would probably take the computer away for good.  She was suspicious of computers and cell phones because they were ‘inviting evil into the house.’  I’m not sure what had happened in the past for her to believe technology only offered negative thoughts and reactions.  And I wasn’t sure I wanted to find out. 

I had to remind her on a regular basis that I needed to have a computer for schoolwork.  School was about the only thing I could get away with in our house since my dad left.  School and church.  Church and school.  But the latest information had my stomach in knots.  I had no doubt it would change my life, but I needed to sneak everything past my mom.  If she knew I was planning to run away, I would never be allowed to see my laptop again. 


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