Bagel Bites

“I have always believed in the power of prayer.” I overheard my aunt on the phone and almost spit out my dinner.  Not that it would have mattered too much since I wasn’t a fan of Bagel Bites, but they were currently the only thing to eat in the entire house. 

My aunt was notorious for refusing to go to church and would never allow a prayer at her dining room table, regardless of the occasion.  I had to hide my beliefs even as minimal as they were.  If I was staying with my aunt for any extended period of time, I never said any prayers out loud, but instead would write everything down in my journal.  I didn’t want to know what would happen if she found out. 

Now she was telling someone how she believed in the power of prayer?  I started to eat slower so I could follow her conversation.  I had hopes she was finally going to turn a corner and listen to what I had to say about church. 

“I don’t get to church too often because of my knees, but I do enjoy a good sermon on the radio from time to time.”  

The more I listened to my aunt ramble, the more I began to lose interest.  I knew she was just trying to con someone else.  Just like she conned my parents into letting me live with her, so she could show me off as her charity case to the Junior League.   


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