The Scuffle

“Was there a scuffle?”  I stared at my shoes as the principal quizzed me.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Savannah staring at him defiantly.  I wondered how she could be so brave at a time like this. 

“Of course there was a scuffle.  You know because you’ve already watched the video.”  I knew Savannah was stopping herself from accusing him of watching all the female students on camera on a daily basis.  She thought very poorly of Dr. Johnson and was usually not shy about expressing her thoughts on the matter. 

Dr. Johnson lifted one hand and dismissed me so he could concentrate on breaking Savannah.  But by the way he was looking at her, I didn’t think I should leave.  I didn’t think anything positive would come out of the two of them being in a room together.  Especially if they were alone.  I knew I should stay and take my part of the punishment. 

“I think I’ll stay.  Thanks,” I said, finally finding my voice  No way was I going to leave Savannah alone with Dr. Johnson.  I didn’t know what would happen to her. 

“If you do not leave, you will be expelled,” Dr. Johnson practically spat the words at me as he continued to stare at Savannah. 

Before I could open my mouth, Savannah interrupted. 

“It’s fine, Carol.  You can leave.  He can’t do anything worse to me than he already has.  Even though my mom divorced him when I was five.” 


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