Flashing Lights

“Is everything supposed to go dark?”  I asked as I sat down on the too large sofa.  Today was my first time seeing a counselor and all the lights had just gone dark.  I began to shake my legs when it seemed to take a beat for Dr. Craig to answer. 

“Everything is fine.”  Dr. Craig’s voice came from behind her desk.  “My computer is still on so there must be a short in the lights.” 

“Has, um, this ever happened before?”  I asked nervously, trying not to get up and run out of the office.  I was nervous about coming in to talk in the first place and the darkness was making my nerves skyrocket.  I was already beginning to wonder if I should get up and leave as the lights going out as soon as I sat down did not seem like a good omen for the rest of the visit. 

“Everything is fine.  Please try not to worry.  The lights should come back on any second now.” 

I nearly screamed as her hand gently rested on my shoulder.  Why had she moved behind me and why hadn’t I heard her move?  She was standing so close behind me, I could smell her perfume.  The longer the lights stayed off, the more my nerves began to jangle.  This couldn’t be normal, no way.  When the lights flashed briefly, I did scream.  Dr. Craig still had one hand on my shoulder and a knife in her other hand. 


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