The Ocean

I always told everyone I met, I would rather go to the mountains instead of the beach.  The ocean was full of terrifying organisms that A) we couldn’t see and B) we had no real idea about every single creature living in the depths of the ocean. 

If I couldn’t see it, I didn’t want to be near it.  There were stingers, pinchers and large teeth waiting to do me harm every time I went to the ocean.  There were even hidden shelves to fall off.  I knew the mountains had creatures like bears and mountain lions, but at least we knew about them.  

“I can’t believe you don’t even want to go in farther than your knees.”  My sister’s voice brought me back to the present.  She was my biggest champion, but also loved the ocean.  I always thought she loved the ocean a little too much, but what can you do.  We tried to take a vacation together once a year and often divided the time between the ocean and the mountains. 

“I’ve seen what’s in these waters and I would like to keep my toes, but thanks.”  As she started to float on her back in the salt water, I debated on whether or not I was going to be brave enough to submerge that much of my body into the dark, mysterious water. 

As I looked back at my sister floating effortlessly on her back, I watched as she disappeared underwater in a crash of motion. 


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