I lost my patience for stupidity a long time ago.  Most of the time I believe in the statement of ‘there are no stupid questions,’ but then the real questions come and I start to lose my mind.  Maybe I wasn’t meant for working with other people.  A job that didn’t require me to talk to anyone I didn’t have to talk to anyone else.  Maybe I needed to find a job that allowed me to work from home full-time.  Or at least stay home half the time. 

Really, my annoyance started when I started having managers who didn’t really seem to know what they were doing.  I wanted to yell, to scream, ask why they didn’t care, but their answers were so nonsensical, I stopped asking questions.  Therefore, I never got any answers. 

As the days went by, I began to stockpile my vacation days as well as my bank account.  I felt if I had a little extra security I could finally take the leap.  The leap everyone said I couldn’t do.  The leap everyone told me was out of reach.  I spent my weekends going out of town to practice my hiking skills and to get my boots broken in. 

Everything came to a screeching halt when my uncle showed up.  He showed up out of the blue, with no warning, and asked me for forgiveness.  Forgiveness I couldn’t give, but only sent me back into the rut that had started my dreaming in the first place. 


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