In the House

“Somebody’s here.  Somebody’s in the house.”  I desperately tried to find my phone while trying to not make noise or turn on the lights.  I wondered why Henry hadn’t started barking, but then I realized that meant something else entirely.  Either Henry knew who was stumbling through my house or whoever it was had done something to him. 

As I struggled to find my phone, the knocking in the hallway became louder.  I scrambled under the bed only to find Henry already there.  He whimpered softly as I wrapped one arm around his shivering body.  As he was a sixty-pound Labrador, I was a little shocked he could fit underneath my bed.  Henry usually slept in the living room so I was surprised he made it all the way to my bedroom and shoved himself under my bed without waking me up.  I was normally a fairly light sleeper and the slightest sound often woke me up. 

The banging in the hallway suddenly stopped as a shadow filled the doorway.  I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly.  Because what I assumed was a person in the doorway was hovering three inches off the floor.  The form in the doorway didn’t have any feet.  Henry’s panting became heavier as he sensed the being, if I could even consider it a being.  I had never believed in ghosts or the supernatural until that very moment.  Before I could scream, the explosion from my driveway woke me up. 


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