Meet Me in the Middle

“I just wanted you to meet me in the middle.  That’s it.  End of story.”  I turned back to my car and slowly walked, waiting for Sarah to stop me.  When I made it all the way to my car without Sarah speaking, I knew we were over. 

A lifelong friend and here we were, ending the friendship in a single day.  All I had wanted her to do was to apologize for what she had said and what she had done.  But here she was, arms crossed and staring me down.  I just didn’t quite understand what had gone wrong. 

Last week she had been telling me all about the fight her parents had been having over the course of the previous two weeks.  I had thought I had been a solid listener and when I had given advice, she hadn’t liked what I had said.  She had stormed out of the cafeteria and ran straight to her boyfriend.  I wondered what would have happened if she had talked to him first.  Would we still be friends? 

When I had tried to explain my position and compare it to the fights my parents have had in the past, she accused me of not paying enough attention to her and making everything about me.  I wanted to get back together and be friends, but I had too many secrets I could spill.  Ones she didn’t know.  I just needed to know how to win her back without going to jail. 


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